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 This is the Packages that we have to offer. Of course we can come up with the perfect package that will fit your needs.

We do everything from regular car washes to full Details and everything in between.

Want  just an interior detail? Done

Want just an exterior detail? No problem

Monthly Service : $150 Cars / $175 Trucks/SUV

This service includes 3 car washes a month done weekly and 1 wash and wax per month. This of course helps with the continued beauty and overall appearance of your Car.

Car Washes: Start At $30 for Cars and $35 for Trucks/ SUV

Interior Detail: Price starts at $75. We shampoo the carpets and seats (shampoo cloth, clean leather) conditioner on the leather seats and dashboard, plastic areas. Recondition the weather stripping, clean headliner and windows.

Exterior Detail: Price starts at $100. We wash, clay bar, 1 Step paint correction, wax and sealant for the paint. Recondition the plastic trim pieces if any. Clean and condition the tires and wheel wells.

Engine Cleaning: Price start at $75. Degrease the engine department, clean and Condition to bring back to that showroom appearance. ( Ability to be done determines on area and the amount of oil on the engine. OSHA prohibit oil from hitting the ground and running into the storm drain.)

Full Detail: Price starts at $175 for cars and $225 for Trucks and SUV. This would be a combination of the interior and exterior details that we do with the addition of the engine compartment.

 Level 2 Detail: Price start at $250 for cars and $350 For Trucks and SUV’s. The difference between a Level 1 Detail and a level 2 is a 3 step process done on the exterior. This helps to remove more of the common paint imperfections from the car. 

 Level 3 Detail: Price start at $500 for cars and $650 for Trucks and SUV’s.  The difference between Level 2 and Level 3 is the car is wet sanded and polish is a showroom shine. This process will require the car being down for 2 days. This is a great time to do a ceramic coating on your car!!!!

Ceramic Coatings: Price start at $800 for Cars and $1000 for Trucks and SUV’s. This includes the Level 3 detail with the added protection of ceramic coating. This adds addition durability to the exterior and interior of your car, lasting protection that can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance. 

Fleet and Company Cars/Trucks: Prices are given upon inspection, type of work wanted to be done, and how often work will be done.

*All price are subject to change base on the condition of the Car/Truck and the agreement of both parties. All final prices are done upon those factors have been agreed upon by the Client and Zero2Sixty Experience

*Payments for Monthly Service is required on the 4th week to maintain your regular set appointed date and time.